Lake Ontario State Parkway Transportation Alternatives Feasibility Study

A meeting held on June 27 was attended by 4 OONA members and 4 other interested residents.  The study group surveyed local members (Orleans County Planning, County Legislature, Towns of Carlton and Kendall, DOT, NYS Parks, Genesee Transportation Counsel) to prioritize ideas for potential future uses for the Orleans County portion of the Parkway.  The top three items were better maintenance, reduce some sections to 2 lanes, and reduce cost.  The next three items were access to natural habitat, alternative funding, and reduce the number of bridges.  And the last group of items included maintaining 4 lanes.  In a final public survey of committee members, most supported reduced lanes (north side/west bound lanes), 2 supported maintaining 4 lanes, all supported shutting down the Parkway at west of Rte 98, possibly converting this section to entrance/exit lanes to Lakeside Beach State Park.

OONA members and other residents were strong in feedback to the committee as to why the results of the community survey conducted last year was not taken into consideration.  The committee will review these results over the next few months, and create 50 (or 75) year life cycle estimates for various options, with a baseline plan of maintaining 4 lanes; this would also include continuing the paving at least to Rte 98.  A public hearing on their findings should occur no later than the end of October, 2018.  Members of the committee advised those in attendance that the purpose of the committee is to create options, that funding for any changes will be difficult, and that changes, if economically justified, would not be coming any time soon.

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